Tigers Polocrosse Club

This is the (temporary) home page of the Tigers Polocrosse Club. At some point we will get a better one.

We play Polocrosse, a sort of Lacrosse on horseback. It is a family sport that doesn't require the investment needed to play polo and neither does it require any other erm... intangible assets.

The rules are basically very simple. Most of them are there to protect the horse, some may even protect the rider! To get a flavour of how to play look at the instructions.

Polocrosse is a summer sport; the season runs from Easter to (early) September and is usually played in tournaments that last a whole weekend. Great emphasis is placed on having a good time both on and off the field. Do not expect to go home lighter or without the remnants of a hangover...

We are affiliated to the United Kingdom Polocrosse Association..

Our colours are red and yellow.

We are designing our new club strip. The current options for shirt design are available here.

Practice nights are most Friday evenings at the Weston Park Equestrian Centre starting this year on 26th January 2001.

Contact Details:

c/o Bev Gough
Dairy Farm Cottages
1 Moreton Lane
Western Longville
01603 879073
Warren Mathias
5 Ainsworth Close
Swanton Morley
NR20 4NE
01603 242368
Weston Park Equestrian Centre
Field Road
Weston Longville
01603 872247

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