The work shown here is is really only "work in progress" or recent(ish) stuff. Quite a bit of what I do is not visible on the web, so this list isn't exhaustive.

I am not a web designer.

However, I do make the sites that web designers produce - work. So, when I am doing web sites, I produce the "back end" for them.

Most of my web work is in perl. I cannot see myself doing this sort of thing in anything else for the forseable future.

Most of the other work I do is written in "C" (this is particularly true for the wireless stuff), although some of that is now moving toward being written in perl. A lot of this is involved in solving network based problems. It includes a lot of radio data to wired network communication. A large part of the customer base are the UK emergency services.

Although I have worked on other systems in the past and I can use and program Microsoft Windows products, nearly all my work is Unix and largely, these days, Linux based. I use the RedHat and Mandriva RPM based distributions almost exclusively.

The work in progress:

Historical Information

I have been working with computers as a hobby since 1972 (my first "personal" computer occupied 700 sq. ft., needed a 25KVA three phase supply [and grew to 1500 sq. ft] in my back garden) and fulltime since 1975. I have been working as an independent consultant since 1979 when this company was formed.

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