Withburga Music

This site is dedicated to the production of liturgical church music for (mainly) the Anglican Church.

The music on this site can be purchased in hard copy form.

Most of the music is for unaccompanied choir and is 17th Century or earlier. First pages of most of the music available are shown in GIF format. Where possible MIDI files of the whole piece (or movement) are provided.

Most of the music is produced with mup. If you are interested in how it is done, read the mup manual. You can also see its new features.

Here are some useful links for early music or other resources:-

I am also starting to look at ABC as a possible notation system

You can contact Withburga Music:-

Withburga Music
High View
West Sussex
GU28 0QE
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1798 867191
email: withburga@tobit.co.uk

Withburga Music takes its name from the local Saint of the Norfolk town of East Dereham, where we were based for many years. The story of Saint Withburga can be found here

I am a founder member of the Clerkes of Old Sarum and the Kingston Polytechnic Chamber Choir from whose members the Clerkes were formed after the untimely death of John Kelsall.

The book of Common Prayer 1662 is found here

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